Happy new calendar year, for those of you on the Gregorian calendar!

And happy random day for the rest of you!

It seemed like an appropriate time to review what’s been going on with the blog, and maybe make some plans for this year.

I relaunched the blog on 2 July 2018, and I’ve written 82 blog posts since then, not including this one. That’s about 13-14 a month, or 3-4 a week, which I think is pretty good going – at least for me with my track record of abandoning things.

I started and have managed to continue my reading project, and have made a good start on the writing project. The favourite poems posts have been on a bit of a hiatus, but I hope to have some more of those later this year. Aside from that, I have a photography series of posts I’d like to do, but I need to actually take the photos!

There will also be some more of my longer, rambling identity or cancer-related posts, and I definitely intend to continue the Inkwarriors series. And there’ll be poetry, of course.

So I hope 2019 will be an interesting year on the blog.

© bardofupton 2019

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