A couple of really silly (old) poems

Ode to Didcot

Didcot! Sunny Didcot! Home of electric power!
Oh! Watch the steam rise from every cooling tower!
As seagulls call mournfully in the clear summer sky
All the little streams and ponds are once again running dry.
Didcot! Rainy Didcot! Home of six charity shops!
Bewail the lack of butchers to sell pork or lamb chops!
As happy children splash homewards through the pouring rain
The orange Tappins coach is speeding by once again.
Didcot! Chilly Didcot! Home of Tesco’s superstore!
Oh! Feel the cold as it strikes into every pore!
As trainspotters watch the Intercity speeding past
Doen their necks the winter wind will blow an icy boast.
Didcot! Lovely Didcot! The home of several pubs!
Don’t forget Rotarians and sundry other clubs!
As the last light of evening fades and dies away
A shout goes up ‘Didcot! Didcot! Hip hip hip hooray!’


A pig is pink a pig is fat
I wish I had one on my hat
I think that it would be quite nice
To feed a pig on fried rice
A pig is pink a pig is large
I think I could fit one on my barge
Yes I think I probably could
But do you think I really should?
A pig is large a pig is pink
And pigs really do not stink
I think that pigs are nice
Have I said that once – or twice?
A pig is pink a pig is clever
A pig would not betray me – ever!
I think that pigs are really cool
Don’t look at me like I’m a fool!
So just because a pig is fat
And you can’t fit one on your hat
Don’t think that pigs are not nice
I think I’ve now said that twice!

© bardofupton 2018

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