was it you? (poem)

Another old poem:

was it you I spoke to last night?
after the sun was gone, vanished
into/over the horizon and the stars shone
twinkle twinkle through the dark
someone came through the surf towards
me as I lay whispering your name in the sand
someone touched me and held me, kissed me and stroked me
as I cried over/for you
someone comforted me there on the beach
murmuring sounds of warmth into my neck
giving me strength and solace
I clung, wept, whispered my fears, hopes, desires
someone talked me through the night
holding me down to that place/time
someone vanished before dawn, slipping
from my grasp, running with the waves in/to
the dark, leaving me to the sunrise
and melancholy birds and I need to know
who held me, caressed me with strong hands,
wiped away my tears, all that long long night and…
was it you I spoke to last night?

© bardofupton 2018

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