This is another old poem:

Puppet Dancing

Vision 1

Little puppet on a string
Poor dancing weeping thing
Dance but do you want to?
Puppet master makes you

A puppet drops and lands
Free of controlling hands
Moving on his own now
Puppet can choose to bow

Puppet laughs smiles and dances
Giving us coy little glances
Puppet stops dead and screams
Freedom occurs in dreams

Little screaming mannikin
Regrets all that he’s been
What a fear filled little thing
Is a puppet on a string

Wooden toy dancing here
What is it that you fear?
Solemn face and dead eyes
Dying little lord of lies

Vision 2

A puppet cannot cry
No puppet you or I
Puppet is a little toy
Puppet can feel no joy

If a puppet’s string should break
Will that puppet then awake?
And when a puppet string is mended
A puppet’s freedom then is ended

Vision 3

Puppet dancing on a string
Poor little dancing weeping thing
Puppet dancing all alone
Magic life that’s all its own

Puppet dancing on a string
Poor helpless hopeless little thing
It knows it’s got a master
Its tears are falling faster.

© bardofupton 2018

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