Reading project, week 5

What have I read this week?

With Silent Screams (The Hellequin Chronicles Book 3) by Steve McHugh

This is a contemporary fantasy novel about a sorcerer called Nate Garrett, also known as Hellequin. I realised partway through that I’d read this one before, but I finished it anyway. It was quite enjoyable, fairly fast-paced; however there was an undertone of (mild but irritating) homophobia and misogyny that I’d overlooked previously, so I probably won’t read any more.

Sister Sable (The Mad Queen, Book 1) by T Mountebank

This is a fantasy novel, set in a world with similar technology to our own but also containing people with psychic powers. I didn’t manage to get far with this one; it was written in too obscure a style, and it didn’t interest me enough to persevere.

Daughter of Eden by Chris Beckett

This is a science fiction book about a colony of humans who are on a planet called Eden. They are all descended from a man and woman who crashed there many generations ago. This is the third book in the series. It’s an easy read, and I found the story interesting, especially seeing how things developed from the first book. (I thought I’d read the second one, but it turns out I haven’t.) I would recommend it, but definitely read the other two first.

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