Reading project, week 7

What have I read this week?

Empire of Ivory and Victory of Eagles and Tongues of Serpents and Crucible of Gold and Blood of Tyrants and League of Dragons by Naomi Novik

These are books 4 to 9 in the Temeraire series. The series is set during an alternate universe version of the Napoleonic wars. The books follow a British naval officer called William Laurence who accidentally bonds with a dragon (Temeraire) and therefore has to join the Aerial Corps and leave the navy. I have read and enjoyed the previous three books in this series, and I enjoyed these also also. They are quick, fun reads, and I really like the characters, particularly Temeraire and the other dragons.

The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day by Christopher Edge

This is a children’s book about a girl who wakes up on her 10th birthday to discover that there is nothing outside of her house. There’s a lot of physics in this one, which is worked into the story, and overall I really enjoyed it.

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