Reading project, week ending 21 Apr 2019

What have I read this week?

The Forgotten Hours by Katrin Schumann

This is a novel about a woman called Katie Gregory whose father is about to leave prison after six years. The novel takes place in both the past and present as Katie tries to find out what really happened with her father’s crime, and come to terms with it. This book didn’t particularly grab me; I pretty much worked out the big reveal at the beginning.

The Armageddon Machine by Simon Kewin

This is a science fiction novella about Mackenzie, the commander of a fleet of spacecraft who is attempting to deal with an enemy craft which could destroy the universe. I found this quite interesting, although I would have liked to find out more about the universe it is set in.

The Windsingers Series by Megan Lindholm

This series consists of four books: Harpy’s Flight, The Windsingers, The Limbreth Gate and Luck of the Wheels. These are fantasy novels about Ki, a human woman who recently lost her family, and Vandien, a human man who is down on his luck. I enjoyed these: the characters are good and the world is interesting.

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