Writing project, January 2022

This month’s word is sound, meaning “the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium” or “mechanical vibrations transmitted through an elastic medium, traveling in air at a speed of approximately 1,087 feet (331 meters) per second at sea level”.

It’s a bit late, sorry.


So loud! I clap my hands over my ears, but the sound gets through anyway.

The sound pushes at me, an almost-solid weight to it. I recoil from the door of the club, backing away from it, ignoring the annoyed murmur of those waiting to be allowed in.

They can’t understand why I’ve queued all this time only to walk away. I don’t quite understand it either. Somehow the sound didn’t seem so bad further back in the queue. I could hear the loud pulse of it every time the door opened, naturally, but I thought I could handle it.

Now that I’m at the front of the line, it’s transparently obvious to me that I can’t.

“You coming in, mate?”

“No, no,” I stammer, and back away further, then turn and walk away, ignoring the glares of those waiting in the queue. Once I’ve turned the corner I start running, as fast as I can, in the direction of away and home and safe.

I’m never doing that again – I don’t care if they call me antisocial or boring or weird. It’s just… not my thing.

© bardofupton 2022

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