Reading project, week ending 25 Nov 2018

What have I read this week?

The Switch by Justina Robson

This is a science fiction novel about a gay man named Nico, who starts the book being sentenced to death for murder. He lives in a theocratic future world where humans are genetically designed and homosexuality is illegal. I liked this one. Nico is an interesting character and I liked his viewpoint. I did find the social commentary a little heavy-handed at times, but I would definitely read other books by this author again.

The Hidden World by Melinda Snodgrass

This is the third book in the Imperials Saga, but the first one I’ve read. It follows three different characters: Tracy, a disgraced starship captain, Mercedes, the heir to the Imperial throne, and her consort Boho. I quite liked this, although I felt that the end of the book seemed a little rushed – a lot of stuff suddenly happens off-screen. However I would probably read more in this series.

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