Another poem about pain

This is another new poem.

moments of joy even in the dark
or smiling during the pain
a feather’s lighter than a brick
and yet, it balances
a single flash of happiness counters the pain
giving me strength to endure
after all
there’s still beauty
there’s still love
there’s more than bone-deep agony
there’s sunshine even in deepest winter

one bright flash of joy
like a half-glimpsed bird’s wing
reminds me there’s more than the insularity of pain
outside of me is the world i’m still a part of

pain steals breath like beauty does
same reaction opposed causes
tangled twisted round each other
so close i can’t separate them

sometimes life rises like a hydra from a lake
sudden and shocking and shattering
piercing the fog of my pain
and sometimes it recedes
obscured by agony

© bardofupton 2018

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